Supporting parents to feel confident and competent through times of change

change happens. Sometimes you can feel pretty good about parenting and then something happens with your child - they jump to the next developmental stage, they start having trouble at school and suddenly you start to feel less sure about how to best support them. Or changes can happen in your life - divorce, separation, moving house, change in financial status - and suddenly parenting that came naturally doesn’t seem to work any more. It can leave you feeling powerless, confused and worried.


Hi I’m Victoria - an expert in child and adolescent mental health and a parent coach.

I believe that parenting is a skill that keeps developing and when changes happen in your life you may need some support to help you develop the particular set of parenting skills that you need.

Understanding the power that we have over our child’s wellbeing and development isn’t something that should be locked away in books and academic papers. I believe that every parent can get in touch with their own Parent Powers to parent well through times of difficulty and change. All I want to do is support you in getting it right for your family.


All a parent needs is the right information and support. What do you need right now?

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the right information

Explore both free and premium online resources lovingly created by me, using the knowledge and skills I have gained during my years of working with children and families. Get a better understanding of your own Parent Powers and how you can use them mindfully and positively to ensure your child continues to thrive even in times of difficulty and change.


the right information and tailored support

If you’re looking for a big leap from feeling worried and out of your depth as a parent to feeling confident and competent. then you will need some support. If you want to master your Parent Powers so you can keep using them positively through difficult times, having someone to guide you is essential. From short individual sessions to online programmes find the option that will suit you best.


An answer to a parenting question

I have answered many parent questions in my weekly video blog. But if what you’re interested in isn’t covered, let me know so that I can make sure you get the answers you need.


What is Emerging Parent all about?


What clients think:

I will take a lot home with me from this experience
— Workshop participant
I realised how important self-care is and that it’s OK to not be OK
— workshop participant